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Ask yourself a few honest questions that may make thousands of dollars of difference in your bill:

  • Why do brokers say what they do is a free service to you?
  • Can I have multiple contracts in play at the same time?
  • What regulates prices and terms? Could a term cause the price to increase?
  • How far in advance of renewal should you sign a contract?
  • Do you know anything about the company you are signing with, and why does it matter?
  • Can your usage of electricity have an effect on the price and term, and can that be managed?
  • Are there affordable systems that reduce usage and peak demand, and what is your peak demand?
  • What is a Nodal and Power Factor, and how does each effect your bill?
  • What happens when you sell your business or grow and add meters?
  • Why will I be paid cash for just having an approved generator?

AFI Consulting, combined with Mantis Innovations (https://mantisinnovation.com), will provide a clear and concise view of the process.

Wasting your and your staff’s time searching for approved vendors “brokers” is futile. AFI/Mantis has over 20 years of Electricity Procurement and consulting knowledge combined, we have been at it since the birth of deregulation in 2002. The proprietary auction is a game changer, eliminating the guesswork. Watch the 3-minute video of its simplicity.

The Procurement Auction is limited to 500,000 kWh or larger. If you are smaller than that, you can invite neighboring businesses, we will handle the contact work, naturally the benefit is that all would win. If you don’t, that’s ok too, we can handle desk pricing much the same way. Naturally the larger the load the better price and term the Electric Provider can offer; it’s supply and demand. Combining load is simple to manage, you keep your autonomy and each receives their own personal contract, there are few restrictions that can be explained in person. Everyone receives a total audit worthy report of the Auction Procurement or Desk Pricing, the suppliers that participated and the clear low price – best term winner. Also included in the package will be your Usage data report analysis (UDR) and the contract.

Last question, can 450 hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, and government customers be wrong?

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About AFI Consulting

Established in 2010, Lee Washington designed a process of combining churches at first because they were so underserved, to make a more significant load and gain better terms and prices. After a few years, AFI became a specialist in the procurement of commercial electricity contracts. The system became known as the Group Electric Procurement Auction or GEPA, which uses the Mantis online auction to increase success. Mantis Innovations is the nation’s largest commercial energy broker and AFI has been its trusted advisor since its inception.

AFI Consulting supports security and autonomy for our customers. The GEPA Auction Documents are all reviewed by our attorney at Mantis and approved by all participating suppliers. The documents are designed to protect and support our clients through the process, but at the same time maintain transparency in pricing for our approved suppliers. The GEPA has been a massive success for large groups like schools, hospitals’ chain restaurants and businesses.

AFI Consulting is a majority woman-owned, Texas Limited Liability Corporation operated by and minority-owned by lead consultant, Lee Washington. Lee and his wife have been part of over ten startup companies for over 35 years and understand the value of time to executives and managers. AFI Energy Consulting has simplified our clients’ electricity, billing, purchasing, and electricity management.


Electricity Procurement

We leverage our expertise in energy procurement services to provide granular market and category-specific insights to help players in the energy sector identify new markets and grow globally.

We also provide sourcing and procurement intelligence to energy companies, allowing them to save money while focusing on their core operations. We will build their business if we are building our business. The objective is to assist them in reaching their business goals for their employees and their families.


A Deeper Dive into Reverse Auction

The State of Texas State Legislature approves procurement auctions when purchasing utilities like Electricity and Natural Gas. Many state and city agencies follow these guidelines more accurately and efficiently. Auctions always provide the best price. The contract term can cause the best price to become the worst; so be careful.

Electricity is a commodity that is produced when an armature rotates between two north pole / south pole magnets and produces field power on a connected shaft. Every rotation, roughly 10 per second this is called a cycle and there are 60 of these in a minute, thus 60-cycle power. Truth be known, some of this power is cleaner than wind and solar and is 98% of our total production demand with no permits on the books to build more, just wind and solar which is dangerous for the health of the grid. Electron prices change several times every day and are affected by supply and demand, not to mention the delivery of the produced electron you are going to purchase. Time is expensive. Sometimes short-term contracts are less expensive, and other times that flips and shorts are more expensive but having a contract is always less costly by 20 – 30%.

AFI Consulting has eliminated the pain of dealing with day-to-day pricing from different brokers through our systematic reverse auction platform combined with the GEPA. As soon as you receive a price, it changes, so you are looking for good information, not price because the price is relative to the information you obtain. To be frank, don’t be fooled by a fool, it is not about the price of the KW.

There are over 100 licensed electricity retailers in the United States, Retail Electric Providers REPs’. There is only one Grid, it is impossible to have one company deliver “green energy or electricity,” as they may only produce green through solar or wind they still have to mix it up on the grid. For example, ONCOR, Texas New Mexico Power and Light, AEP, Center Point, etc., are among the seven utilities in Texas. Because they are all regulated according to regions where they have assets, the charge for electricity delivery will vary according to where your meter(s) are located (building, etc.). These companies are the lines, poles, pots and metering equipment and you don’t have a choice, if you live in their area, you will enjoy their price and service.

The AFI GEPA combined with the Mantis real-time bidding auction works effectively and saves your enterprise thousands of dollars in man hours and it is fun too. It also guarantees the best contract rates and terms available in the market. This is important because fine print in a contract can be catastrophic if not carefully considered. Pitting all approved and invited suppliers against each other to bid on your load profile in a timed event that lines up with market indicators is our job and we are good at our job!

Keeping in mind the specific market price window specifically from Natural Gas Markets as well as demand indicators set the time allotment so we prepare but sometimes have to reschedule because it is about your best deal. By performing the critical GEPA Enrolment tasks and proper education, we ensure our customers don’t waste their time.

The Auction lasts less than an hour and again is fun, I have had many board room bets as the suppliers race to the lowest price within the preset terms. And when complete the Auditable Report with the contract is delivered in a nice package.

AFI Energy and Mantis Innovations believe an educated customer is a happier customer.  Our approved process attracts the best REP’s (Suppliers) and they are glad to pay us for our GEPA and Auction process you set back and enjoy the process for once.


Why Choose Us?

AFI Consultative Services

Our extensive services include meter add and delete services, Transmission/delivery consulting, Usage Data Studies. We work with all TDSPS (Delivery Companies) in the State and provide consultation services to your builder or contractor when needed.

UDRs or Usage Data Reports

Helping our clients understand their personal load profile saves them thousands. We offer free UDRs or Usage Data Reports because we must see how you use power before we can price it effectively. We have seen over 40% savings by explaining usage to our customers and sometimes it is nothing. Peaks and swings in power factor will always help if not now but sometime in the future.

Load and Peak Management Equipment

AFI Energy and Mantis are known dealers for several infrastructure equipment manufacturers from lightning protection, transient voltage arresters, load monitors, even solar equipment and roof and parking lot maintenance support. .
A premier service we provide our customers is Emergency Response and Load Response ER and LR which are ways by which approved generators can receive payments on a quarterly basis from ERCOT for being “like” an underwriter of electricity (supporting the demand for power in a short supply) which we are in more and more frequently these days!
Offering sources for the most innovative equipment for the reduction of electricity is what divides a consultant from a broker.

Approved by The State of Texas

In other words, the Group Electric Procurement Auction or GEPA is intended for larger “multi-location” clients using more than 500,000 kWh per year of electricity. Because of the GEPA seamless design on many occasions churches and clubs and many small community businesses join to achieve the 500, 000 kWh, they are independent, but all receive a lower price.

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